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June 16, 2013


savasana crop 2“Release onto your mat” is one of the most common final phrases echoed in a studio as we finish off our practice and head into shavasana. Release.

Tuesday evening I had the chance to drop into one of Linda Barnes’ classes at the Mount Pearl studio and she enlightened and reassured me about some of the thoughts I had recently pondered on release.

A few years ago I can remember laying on my mat at the studio and fully releasing. I’m not talking about relaxing into my shavasana, or child’s pose, rather a full surrendering of myself, mind and body into my practice. At the time I felt funny and a little self-conscious that others would hear me gently weeping in a public place. But rather, in that moment I was so connected with my emotions that I was holding in, I decided that there was nothing else that felt more natural to do than to put my trust within these four walls and fully release.

I haven’t been to Linda’s classes in a long while. I had forgotten how deeply spiritual she makes her practice with the fellow yoginis in the room. At one point she brought up the topic of deep release of emotion while on the mat. Some poses, especially hip openers, can sometimes have such a connection with our emotions that they may come flooding out when you would lease expect. She reassured us that it can be normal to cry on your mat and in ways can be seen as a means of anointing our personal platform.

I look back now at my practice and think how far I have come. I take pleasure in knowing that I have fully released myself on the same gray mat I have used for years. And while it may sound funny, I strive to do it all again. I seek to have that level of connection and self-intuition in every practice.

How do you release in your practice?
~ Agwé