Zucchini Spaghetti

IMG_0360As many Newfoundlanders with backyard gardens know, not everything loves our climate but zucchini seem to really get it. This year I figured out how to take advantage of our abundance in the form of zucchini spaghetti. It has become my new favourite veggie meal. Try it with, tomato, beet or squash sauce. It works with everything, even lightly sauted on it’s own with salt and pepper.

Zucchini are not only easy to grow but they are great for you. Zucchini peel is a good source of dietary fibre and they also contain folates, B-complex vitamins, vitamin A and C, and lots of potassium. I can’t imagine a lighter, healthier meal to balance out holiday indulgence.IMG_0354

To make this super simple meal you need a spiralizer. They can be cheap, simple hand-held versions like mine or fancier styles that chop lots of different shapes. If it isn’t too late to get a spirializer for the holidays I’d suggest you put this on your gift list. It is strangely addictive. If you are like me you will just keep trying to think of new vegetables that you can make spaghetti out of.

This is more of a how-to than a recipe. Clean and spiralize 1-2 zucchini per serving (depending on size of vegetable). Saute them in olive oil on medium heat and add salt and pepper to taste. Cook until they are soft but still definitely spaghetti textured. The big thing to remember is to NOT cook for too long or they will become soft, transparent and lose their shape (still tasty but not spaghetti-like anymore).

On its own this is a fast and easy side dish. With a sauce it becomes a full meal. Homemade or bottled tomato sauce works, as does beet and squash sauces if you are feeling creative!






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